Launched in 2002, in Mumbai and Bangalore, by Himatsingka Seide, this fine furnishing store has come to epitomize luxury. The first few ads set the tone, and all the ideas and imagery that followed captured the essence of the brand. We created fresh imagery every year with print ads and posters. Today, Atmosphere has multiple stores in cities across India, Singapore and Dubai.


In 1990, Lakme launched Wild Orchid, a fragrance with floral undertones. The imagery was suggestive of a lifestyle that many would aspire to. It was the beginning of my collaboration with Lakme, both in skin-care and colour cosmetics, lasting over 2 decades.


Artistic photography, imagery with elegance and style marked these ads. Fresh new faces were introduced for each ad and it was a delight working with the finest talents in fashion design, photography and film. Every Garden ad campaign created trends and was eagerly awaited, much like a fashion forecast for the year ahead.

Tuff Shoes

These ads created a major controversy when they appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the country in 1990. Deemed obscene and indecent, they were mired in legal proceedings and lawsuits and ended up being withdrawn for 14 years. Eventually the court ruled in our favour and we were vindicated. These became some of the most memorable print ads to date.

Planet M

"Obsessed with music" was our concept that launched the brand with a series of tongue-in-cheek visual interpretations. These were splashed in major newspapers across the country and captured the imagination of the music lovers of the new millennium.


Refreshing visuals and an attention to detail in food photography was what made a success of selling ice cream to a market saturated with ice cream brands. A new logo, a new flavor of the month and promotions with humour and wit brought the brand alive in the 80's and 90's.

The Economic Times

These posters were designed to grace the space of top management in large conglomerates. The power of knowledge and the ‘Nature of Leadership’ being the theme, we created a zen-like, minimalistic visuals with natural objects and short, inspiring lines that a CEO could relate to. They were so well received that they were converted into newspaper advertisements.

Dona Sylvia

Charles Correa imagined a Mediterranean themed hotel for his client for which we worked on a series of print ads in 1988. The hotel was not ready yet so he built sets instead. We planned an intimate and homelike approach to a holiday in Goa where, until then, big brands had been the only option. This led to a long and rewarding association with Charles Correa. At an exhibition in London, he launched a book featuring his ten most prominent projects, which I designed like an art edition of the work that was on display.